See the Beauty and Value of Taking Good Care of Your Deck

Your deck is the perfect place for enjoying good times with all of your family and friends. But without proper cleaning, staining and sealing, the beauty and life of your deck can be cut short by constant assaults from UV rays, heat, moisture, mold and mildew, and foot traffic. That’s why it makes sense to protect your investment with regular professional deck care.

Seamless Custom Painting and Wallpaper has been caring for decks, exterior wood siding, and other natural wood surfaces since 1997. Through our years of experience, we know that preventing deck surface decay and structural problems requires regular maintenance, including staining and sealing of all deck surfaces with professional-grade coatings.

Entrust the Care of Your Deck to Professionals

Do-it yourself deck care is messy and time consuming, and ordinary deck stains and sealers may not provide sufficient protection for delicate wood surfaces. As the deck owners Seamless serves will tell you, there’s better value in leaving deck care to experienced professionals who use premium materials and the proven techniques to get the job done right.

Head-Off Serious Deck Problems Before They Begin

Wood surfaces that are in reasonably good shape always benefit from regular cleaning and coating with professional-quality stains and sealers. But decks that have been neglected and subjected to years of wear and tear and abuse by the environmental require more extensive measures. Professional deck refinishing is the solution to restoring wood decks to their original beauty and preventing further damage.

Don’t Watch Your Deck Investment Fade Away

The deck staining professionals at Seamless provide a full range of expert deck care services to keep your deck in top shape and prevent major damage that, in extreme cases, may force you to rebuild it from scratch. Considering the skyrocketing costs of wood and labor, expert deck care by Seamless is a bargain – and a very smart investment in protecting the beauty and value of your property.

Take the Right Steps to Restore and Protect Your Deck

To keep your treasured backyard retreat safe, sound and looking like new, the specialists at Seamless recommend a regular deck maintenance program that includes the following procedures:

  • Gentle pressure cleaning of all horizontal wood surfaces with environmentally safe, professional cleaning solutions to remove harmful contaminants including dirt, grease, algae, and mold and mildew. The underside of your deck will also benefit from cleaning and treatment against insect damage.
  • Thorough scraping, sanding, and repair of deck boards, railings, stairs, and benches to remove failing stains and sealers that are chipping off and no longer protecting your deck. Proper surface preparation is essential before resealing and staining your deck.
  • Careful application of professional quality stains and sealers that offer superior color, conditioning, and protective properties than ordinary products purchased at retail stores. While premium stains may cost a little more up front, they can save you money down the road by providing added protection against fading and flaking, moisture and mildew damage, and continuous exposure to harmful UV rays.

Learn How to Keep Your Deck Looking Like New

Discover all the benefits of expert deck staining, sealing, and maintenance by contacting Seamless today for a free deck evaluation and staining estimate.